Although it has been stated elsewhere that the HDAV1. Anyways, we’ve decided to change it and future cards will have user updateable firmware. Bumping to restore thread. With the exception of 24P passthrough, all of these issues have now been resolved through software updates beta driver version 6. We don’t need yet another pissing contest over lossless vs lossy audio.

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I don’t know what the mystery is. Unfortunately, Asus does not provide a download for this, but instead requires that hdag1 card asus xonar hdav1 3 sent through their Asus xonar hdav1 3 process for upgrading. The op-amps are even replaceable”for preferred analog sound color”.

Submitted by Devon Cooke on Sat, Originally Posted by SlackerX This is coming from a guy who’s dedicated an entire web page and more to anamorphic lenses to “view movies the way they were ment to be viewed Asus also lists comprehensive audio specifications including signal-to-noise ratio, total harmonic distortion THDand frequency response. Some ridiculously high percentage of listeners whom were not all just average folks off the street, but self-described audiophiles couldn’t tell the difference between those two formats.

Originally Posted by stanger89 So just hrav1 back and enjoy the best movie audio we’ve ever had on the PC and stop worrying about the minutia. Exactly what it does is a little unclear, but it is claimed to “increase color performance and enhance edges” at no CPU cost.

Xonar HDAV Slim | ASUS USA

In theory, there is no reason why the video signal shouldn’t be able to pass through untouched it’s a digital signal, so there should be no degradationbut early asus xonar hdav1 3 of the driver did not properly disable the video processor. They go so far as to name the manufacturer and model number of the DAC, ADC, and op-amp chips used in the card’s analogue section. The card also includes a video processor called Asus Splendid HD. In my experience with computer equipment, it’s either available at release, or it won’t be at all asuz they throw it in the next gen like a year later I asus xonar hdav1 3 they’re good odds you’ll be disappointed.

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I am limited to 8″ at the very max, hopefully shorter. Depending on the price, I might be a first wave adopter.


Originally Posted by hceuterpe In that case, how certain are we that the won’t do bitstream almost certain, right? I don’t really believe asus xonar hdav1 3 are 1.

I’m interested in this as TMT works well for me. More on that later. Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. Play the music and audio the way it was meant to be played Originally Posted by stanger89 There are a few ways, easiest would be to run say a 48xx and a Panasonic BD50 into an AVR, volume match the two inputs, start the same movie on each sync’d and have someone else switch back and forth without telling you which is asus xonar hdav1 3.

This is apparently an automatic ydav1, so what it actually does under the hood is anybody’s guess. I think it’s coming soon.


The box front is littered with the logos of all the supported audio formats. Has anyone ever asus xonar hdav1 3 a blind comparison between say the series LPCM downconverted and asus xonar hdav1 3 set-top player Pany BD50 and been able to tell the difference between them? Point is, everyone knows there’s downconverting going on, but it seems the only reason we know for certain is because Cyberlink et al have confirmed it.

Luckily, the card also does what gdav1 audio card is supposed to do, namely, provide high quality analogue audio from whatever digital signal it is fed. Lilo loves my HTPC We don’t need yet another pissing contest over lossless vs lossy audio. asus xonar hdav1 3

If I end up getting the Xonar, I don’t see how the would be a leg up if it’s just for watching movies. And so do most of its competitors.

Originally Posted by stanger89 Or better yet, blind test between PC playing the native BD downsampled and a rip in another player not downsampled? And, yes, PAP is just as unpleasant as it sounds.

You don’t need “audiophile” level equipment to asus xonar hdav1 3 able to tell the wsus between tracks.