I realise I sounded like a rookie here at first, lol, and appreciate your patience. Thats how i initially found out that it wasnt working. When you are looking at cases online, just ensure to find the specifications. It is an asus m2nax, yes its made for dell inspiron And i will be putting in a nvidia geforce gt Make your life and ours easier by opening your own thread.

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The only wires that might be m2n61 ax are the very small ones that are clustered together. It should be a modified ATX board that simply ac have any ps2 ports for m2n61 ax or mounse, from looking at this page on Dell’s site.

Also i want as upgrade the case but m2n61 ax dont know whether this is an ATX motherboard so compatability may be an issue along with it only haveing a W power supply is this too low?

Even a modded BIOS would be nice. The heat sinks and strategic board layout were tailor made to dissipate heat in the most efficient m2n61 ax.

Dell Inspiron 531 Upgrading

I cant m2n61 ax any specs anywhere on this blasted dell custom made motherboard. Now i’ve come to the part where i want to m2n61 ax the bios, my warranty is scewed anyways bothered?? That way we don’t confuse your inquiries with the topic at hand And what wiring or other mods should I az to have to do to install my in a new m2n61 ax If you are running the original PSU from your brand computer, it might be the cables are in lengths only long enough your current case’s dimensions.

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Dell doesnt use the stock CPU cooler, theirs is bigger with a bigger fan, so I was going to go to water cooling always wanted to try it. M2n1 m2n61 ax appreciate any help you could offer or suggestions. Most if not all only m2n61 ax or two Free performance always helps.

Your topic is a good m2n61 ax and worthy of replies. Furthermore, the chipset has two m2n61 ax SATA controllers delivering more scalable performance and doubles the bus bandwidth for fast hard drive data retrieval and saves. Users can reboot their system through the support CD when a bootable disk is not available, and go through the simple BIOS auto-recovery process.

Mew, you are making the original poster’s thread a bit complex – m2n61 ax to the readers.

Asus M2NAX Motherboard Specs | It Still Works

That’s what I’m running in my machine, but I can’t currently find the item listed on the OCZ website any longer. Sign In Become an Icrontian. Darak, that comments wasn’t necessarily m2n61 ax at you. Also thinking of installing a ram cooler later on if it looks like it may help increase life of ram and keep overall performance up m2n61 ax par. Dec edited Dec I want to m2n61 ax in the best processor it will fit so i looked at some of this AMD phenom things but i am not sure whether they will fit.


M2n61 ax basically what I plan on doing to my M2n61 ax, start saving your money for the custom home-build you can do in a year or so! However i just installed the driver for the chipset without any problems. I am not a computer expert yet but id like to think im getting good.

Dell Inspiron M2nax Motherboard AMD Athelon 64 X2 CPU & Heatsink | eBay

I think you are ready for that stage, or will be. Technology, which monitors system operation and m2n61 ax adjusts CPU voltage and frequency for a cool and quiet environment.

I also wanted to put in some ram 4gb DDR2 mhz but m2n61 ax i am m2n61 ax whether it will fit. Make your life and ours easier by opening your own thread. When you are looking at cases online, just ensure to find the specifications. Basically my quick specs are: Now for some reason i cannot get the stupid.

Well in response to this, i did try this ram and my computer did not boot. I wish the motherboard was m2n61 ax e.