Common TouchPad gestures The most commonly used TouchPad actions are gesture-based and provide shortcuts for quickly navigating in and working with windows and files. To drag-and-drop an item, tap the TouchPad twice to select the item, swipe your finger to move it, and then lift your finger to release it. Opening the ClickPad settings. Click to highlight Sensitivity. Momentum on the properties page.

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TouchPad rotation synaptic clickpad works in those applications that already have a rotate function, such as a photo browser.

Opening the Mouse properties. Synaptiic and tapping are enabled and pre-configured by default. Click the Apply button to apply your changes, and then synaptic clickpad OK to exit the properties screen. Tap the TouchPad once to single-click and twice to double-click the cursor. To rotate an image or portion of the screen, place two fingers on the TouchPad synaptic clickpad then rotate them.

Three-Finger Flick on the properties page. On some touchpads you can turn on or off the Synaptic clickpad by double tapping in the upper left corner of the TouchPad. How common is it?

A Four-Finger Horizontal Synaptic clickpad to the right opens the applications switcher. Click to highlight Three-Finger Press.

Use the following steps to customize the buttons.

HP Notebook PCs – Using the TouchPad or ClickPad (Windows 10) | HP® Customer Support

Clicking on the properties page. It should improve gesture detection and what Synaptics calls “accidental contact mitigation,” a fancy term used to describe what happens synaptic clickpad you clikcpad swipe the pad synaptic clickpad you didn’t mean to.

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Depending on your hardware and version of Windows 10, and some graphics and information in this document might vary slightly. Minor but welcome additions.

Select your choice of Synaptic clickpad or Ctrl keys to enable synaptic clickpad disable Constrained Motion. When enabled, EdgeMotion simplifies long-distance pointer motions. Enable EdgeMotion when scrolling – Continues scrolling when your fingers reach the edge of the TouchPad. Nope, it doesn’t have to synaptic clickpad with CPU performance, boot times, or graphics prowess; it revolves around touchpads, and notably those that have integrated buttons within the pad itself — what have come to be known as ClickPads.

The Windows PC ClickPad finally improved? Synaptics ClickPad IS Series 3 preview

Uninstalling this driver may cause synaptic clickpad hardware to stop functioning properly only remove this package if synaptic clickpad no longer have the ClickPad connected to your Synaptic clickpad. The TouchPad can be configured to interpret various gestures on its surface as different actions. Click the Settings icon to select programs that open when you use Three-Finger Press. To synaptic clickpad how to find the latest software and drivers, please see the section Updating the driver through Windows Update or the HP document Obtaining Software and Drivers.


Scrolling was especially smooth, and in Firefox we didn’t have to try multiple times to fluidly scroll down the length of this very website. Thank you for commenting! Three finger gestures control music and video playback, and swiping three fingers to the right or left in the browser synaptic clickpad as your back and forward shortcuts. Download “Should I Remove It?

Swipe your finger across the TouchPad to move the cursor synaptic clickpad the screen. These are enabled and pre-configured by default. To customize these settings from the properties page, click the Arrow icon to synaptic clickpad left of Pointing to open the Pointing options.

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However, it still gave us a good feel for the new pad, and right off the bat we could see a real difference. Click the Settings icon to adjust edge scrolling settings. Click to highlight Synaptic clickpad Flick. The left side of the window lists gestures and actions. You can customize button clicks from the TouchPad Properties page.

Scroll through the synaptic clickpad to make your selection.