testinterzone event horizon

bleeding edge test-only client

Interzone test network

Interzone has a complete publicly mintable test-network. The client on this page is specifically designed to access the test network without command line switches and can be run simultaneously with the mainnet client. 

testInterzone uses a completely separate folder to store its blocks and wallet but retains 100% compatibility with the mainnet client's 'testnet' folder. Wallets and tokens are transferrable between testInterzone and Interzone --testnet. testInterzone will NOT work with mainnet tokens, nor will it synch the mainnet ITZ blockchain.

testInterzone uses the same blockrewards, block target timing (90 seconds) and supports 5000 token NetworkNodes like mainnet Interzone. testInterzone is CPU mintable using SimpleMint or 'setgenerate true' in-client minting. 

testInterzone will always be a point or two above the current release of mainnet ITZ and new features will be implmented which may cause instability, testInterzone is pre-beta development software and should be recognized as such.

testInterzone should be used to develop applications and services for the ITZ network.

interzone TESTNET client

Download a compiled client or roll your own. All releases now hosted on Github for versioning control.
Nightly-build level code is available at code.interzone.space


32/64 bit Windows Client


64bit macOS Client


64bit Ubuntu/Debian Client


Full source @ Github